Oct 19,2014
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I’ve been saving all my summers for you.

Oct 19,2014
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Orange Warsaw Festival

Oct 19,2014
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Tumblr on November 1st

Oct 19,2014
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Oct 19,2014
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A N N E    B O L E Y N
↳  1.03 “Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!”

"You are a poet, as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts,   a r e   t h e y   n o t ?”

Oct 19,2014
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Oct 19,2014
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I’ve gotten into the habit of calling Rachel “Mommy” when we’re around Emma. Which I now realize we are not.

Oct 19,2014
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- This is ridiculous.
- This, Madame, is Versailles.

Marie Antoinette (2006) - dir. Sofia Coppola.

Sep 29,2014
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Jacqueline Durran drew heavily from a 1950s aesthetic for the elegant ivory costume Anna wears to a tearoom in Moscow, complete with custom-netted pillbox hat and 50s-inspired wrap bodice with asymmetrical button details. The cream material actually has a pale-gray stripe to it. Durran has called this her favourite ensemble of the film.

Sep 29,2014
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I came to hear you confess.